Tips to Prepare for Bad Days during Divorce


One of the reasons divorce can have such a dramatic effect on our lives is that we are not fully prepared to handle all of the emotional and mental stress that comes with it. This means that we are at a weakened state when we get struck with what feels like another devastating blow. While it would be impossible to always be in defense mode and ready for a sneak attack, we can at least be ready to know how to deal once the attack happens.

  • Put it in perspective! I know it does seem like when it rains it pours, but you have to learn not to let that get you soaked. So you may have already had a flat, been late for work and then something divorce related happened to make it feel like you can’t handle it all, but remember it can’t rain all the time.
  • Start each day with a pep talk. Or some people would call them affirmations. It may feel funny at first, but before long you’ll realize how crucial being your own cheerleader is, not to mention how strong you’ll feel starting each day rallying up your strength.
  • Rely on your support team. Learn to handle most days so you don’t wear your family and friends out. However know who you can call when things feel at their worst to unload how you are feeling. No matter what, you’ll feel so much better after.

There are dozens of ways to prepare yourself or at least pick yourself up and dust yourself off during your bad divorce days. One way to have continued support and advice is to connect via my Facebook page. Remember, you are not the only one going through this right now and certainly not the only who has survived.


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